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Biến tần vòng kín AC80C
  • Biến tần vòng kín AC80C

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  • Phân phối, cung cấp, mua bán biến tần Veichi, INVT tại Hải Dương


Veichi AC80C is the updated version of AC80B with enhanced performance, precision, reliability, environment adaptability and usability. Compared with AC80B, AC80C low voltage inverter is more feature-rich, flexible and stable:

1. High Computing Speed

Using the latest high speed motor control DSP of TI and 3-core CPU, the computing speed increases 50%, program capacity has doubled.

2. Multiple Control Modes

Integrated multiple advanced motor control methods such as V/F control without PG, vector controlwithout PG, PG vector control and optimized PWM (what is PWM) speed control:

a. The steady speed precision is less than or equal to 1% without PG, 0.02% with PG control.

b. The torque response speed is less or equal to 20ms without PG high performance vector control, 10ms with PG high performance vector control.

c. High starting torque: 180% of rated torque at 0.5Hz without magnetic flux vector control; 200% of rated torque at 0Hz under magnetic flux vector control.

vector control V/F control

3. Wide Voltage Range

Wide voltage input range with automatic voltage regulation function, this AC frequency converter can work continuously during momentary power loss or power derated situation with low noise.

4. RS485 Communication

AC80C is designed with more stable RS485 communication function that it solves the bug in AC80B model.

5. Complete Protection Function

AC80C has a complete protection system such as under voltage, over voltage, over current, phase missing, over heat, over load, encoder broken and other protection functions.

6. Ease to Use

Support parameter copy and backup, remote control with extension cable, LCD and LED display in English. Therefore, it is very easy to use!

7. Long Service Life

As Veichi AC80C single phase VFD is designed with wide input voltage range, high quality cooling fan and special PCB spraying, it can work properly in a long time without trouble.



Power input

Voltage, frequency

Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz; Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz 
Three-phase 220V 50/60Hz ;  Three-phase 660V 50/60Hz 
Three-phase 1140V 50/60Hz

Permissible fluctuation

Voltage: 320V~440V; voltage imbalance rate: 3%; frequency: ±5% 
Distortion rate is in accordance with IEC61800-2 requirements.

Switch-on impact current

Less than the rated current

Power factor

=0.94 (DC reactor is collocated)

Efficiency of frequency converter



Output voltage

Output under rated conditions: Three-phase, 0~input voltage; error is less than 5%.

Scope of output frequency

Type Y: 0-320Hz

Precision of output frequency

Maximum frequency: ±0.5%

Overload capacity

Type Y: 150% rated current for 1 minute; 180% rated current for 10 seconds; 200% rated current for 0.5 second.

Main control property

Control model of motor

No PG vector control: 1; no PG vector control: 1; with PG vector control: 0; with PG vector control: 1

Modulation model

PWM modulation of optimized space vector

Carrier frequency

0.6~15.0kHz, modulation of random carrier

Control scope of speed

Without PG vector control, rated load: 1: 100 
With PG vector control, rated load: 1: 1000

Precision of stable rotational speed

Without PG vector control: =1% rated synchronized rotational speed 
With PG vector control: =0.02% rated synchronized rotational speed

Starting torque

Without PG magnetic flux vector control: under 0.5Hz, 180% rated toque 
With PG magnetic flux vector control: under 0Hz, 200% rated toque

Torque response

Without PG magnetic flux vector control: =20ms 
With PG magnetic flux vector control: =10ms

Precision of frequency

Digital setup: Maximum frequency ×±0.01% 
Analog setup: Maximum frequency ×±0.2%

Resolution of frequency

Digital setup: 0.01Hz 
Analog setup: Maximum frequency ×0.05%

Basic functions of product

DC brake capacity

Starting frequency: 0.00~50.00Hz 
Brake time: 0.0~60.0s 
Brake current: 0.0~150.0% rated current

Torque hoisting

Automatic torque hoisting: 0.0%~100.0% 
Manual torque hoisting: 0.0%~30.0%

V/F curve

Five model: One user setup V/F curve model; one linear torque characteristic curve; three reduced torque characteristic curve model (1.3 times, 1.7 times and 2.0 times)

Acceleration/deceleration curve

Two models: Straight acceleration and deceleration, S curve acceleration and deceleration. 
Four sets of acceleration and deceleration times; time unit: 0.01s; maximum time: 650.00s

Rated output voltage

Usage of power voltage compensation function; rated voltage of motor: 100%; setup between 50%--100% scope (output does not exceed the input voltage)

Automatic voltage adjustment

In case of voltage fluctuation in the grid, it can automatically maintain the output voltage constant

Automatic energy-saving operation

According to the load, it automatically optimizes the output voltage and realizes energy-saving operation

Automatic current limitation

It automatically limits the current in the normal operation and prevents frequent over-current and fault tripping.

Settlement of instantaneous power cutoff

In case of instantaneous power cutoff, it is controlled by busbar voltage and uninterrupted operation is realized.

Standard function

PID control, rotational speed tracking and re-start upon power cutoff; skipping frequency, control of upper and lower frequency limits, procedure operation, multi-section speed, pendulum frequency operation, RS 485, analog output and frequency pulse output

Frequency setup tunnel

Setup of keyboard figure, keyboard potentiometer, analog voltage terminal VS1, analog voltage terminal VS2, analog current terminal AS, communication setup and multi-tunnel terminal selection and combination between main and auxiliary tunnels

Feedback input tunnel

Voltage terminal VS1, voltage terminal VS2, current terminal AS, communication setup and pulse input PUL

Operation command tunnel

Setup of operation panel, external terminal and communication

Input command signal

Start, shutdown, positive and reverse rotation, inching operation, multi-section speed, free parking, reset, selection of acceleration and deceleration time, selection of frequency setup tunnel and external fault alarm

External output signal

One relay output, two integrated electrode output, 0~10V output, 4~20mA output, frequency pulse output

Protective function

Over-voltage, under-voltage, current amplitude, over-current, overload, electronic heat relay, overheat, over-voltage lose-of-speed, data protection

Keyboard display

LED display

Display of one-way 4-digit digital pipe

Surveillance of status volume of one frequency converter

Display of two-way 4-digit digital pipe

Surveillance of status volume of two frequency converters

Parameter copy

It can upload and download functional code information of frequency converter and realize swift duplication of parameters.

Status surveillance

Output frequency, set frequency, output current, input voltage, output voltage, rotational speed of motor, PID feedback volume, PID set volume, module temperature and input/output terminal status.

Fault alarm

Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit, phase deficiency, overload, overheat, over-voltage loss-of-speed, current amplitude, data protection damage, operation status of existing fault and historical fault


Installation area

Indoor altitude is not above 1000m; no corrosive gas or direct sunshine is witnessed.

Temperature and humidity

-10 ~ +40°C
20% — 95%RH (without dewing)


Less than 0.5g below 20 Hz

Storage temperature

-25 — +60°C

Installation model

Wall-mounted type, cabinet type

Protective level


Cooling model

Forced air cooling



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