Biến tần cẩu tháp AC80T Biến tần cẩu tháp AC80T Cung cấp, mua bán biến tần HD000085 Biến tần thang lồng, cẩu tháp Số lượng: 3 cái
Biến tần cẩu tháp AC80T
  • Biến tần cẩu tháp AC80T

  • Mã sản phẩm: HD000085
  • Giá bán: Liên hệ
  • Cung cấp, mua bán biến tần


Veichi AC80T special VFD for tower crane slewing purpose adopts latest open loop vector control mode, optimized software and eddy current controller that it ensures the boom slew smoothly, quickly and precisely.

tower crane vfd

1. Make the boom run more smoothly without shaking, place accurately, park at 30 degree when it is running at high speed and etc. The performance is superior to conventional hydraulic coupling and HRCV torque controller.

2. It has perfect location function in downtime or failure status which can effectively prevent the coasters phenomenon from happening.

3. It has developed with anti-swing function, so the tower crane engineer can easily operate the system for easy hook.

anti swing function

4. The boom of tower crane can run smoothly without shaking during decelerating, accelerating or constant running status, so the driver can hook easily, place quickly and precisely. Moreover, it helps in preventing the steel components from getting twisted.



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